I think we’ve got it… a new logo

One of the first things I wanted to accomplish when I came to this agency in January…that’s 10 months ago  now…was to create a new logo. The old one didn’t do anything for me. I quickly learned that the agency had just been through a long arduous process of creating a new logo, which had begun to appear in various places–business cards, brochures. I didn’t like it either; it was too 70’s.  But since it was new and a bunch of people at put a lot of work into it I let it slide. For awhile. Until my annoyance grew enough.

Then I started on a project to create a new logo from scratch. This was in May–five months ago.

We’ve been through a lot of ideas since then. My partner Michele, who is a professional graphic designer, helped me refine the most promising ideas. We thought we had one a month ago. To test it I built a new website using it as the banner. It was…ok…sort of. Except for…(insert your own list here…everyone else did).

One of the ideas that we generated early on used three circles intersecting in a Venn diagram. The notion is that we bring individuals, familes, and communities together to find healing and wholeness. Or we could say families, schools and communites. Or we could say the circles represent our tagline: transform conflict, repair harm, build community. It’s nice because its’ adaptable in that way.

But I couldn’t get three circles to work–as long as they were equal in size. Then I had the idea to make them unequal. I liked it, and so did others.  It’s been through a week of tweaking, but I think we’re there.

This means we can now, finally, at long last, move ahead with projects that I’ve been refusing to do such as:

  • create business cards
  • make new brochures
  • new stationery
  • unified website design

and so on.

Memo to myself: next time hire a pro and keep my mitts off the project.


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