Metaskills for Restorative Practice

We’re getting ready for our volunteer orientation tomorrow. I decided to try my hand at drafting a self-assessment tool around what I see as the critical metaskills for restorative practice. The tool asks respondents to rate their level of mastery from 1 to 7. Then, taking a page from the Motivational Interviewing playbook, for each item respondents are asked to consider what would help them move to the next highest rating. Here are the items. Remember this is a draft, and comments from other restorative justice practitioners are welcome:

Listening: I listen deeply to others, going beyond what they are saying and understanding their feelings.

Self-Awareness: I am aware of my feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and motivations and how they influence my actions.

Attachment to Stories: I examine my beliefs and opinions and readily modify them as I learn new things.

Curiosity: I am intrigued by the idea that there is something new to discover about others or the situation, and I create space in the dialogue for surprises.

Assertiveness: I am able to identify and stand up for my needs in ways that respect the needs and rights of others. I can speak powerfully and clearly on my own behalf.

Conflict Management: When I am in a conflict I am able to manage it effectively in a way that is fair and respectful to all involved. I can let go of my need to win and work for a mutually satisfactory solution.

Congruence: I speak truthfully about what I am thinking and experiencing, and express my true emotions. With me, what you see is what you get.

Empathy: I am able to deeply intuit how others are experiencing their circumstances and interactions with me and other people. I can truly say, “I feel you.”

Silence: I can hold my silence and give others all the space they need to express themselves, without me interrupting, trying to persuade, or trying to control.

Boundaries: I take care of my own needs and am aware of and respectful of the needs of others. I am not an enabler, nor am I neglectful.



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  1. I like those self-assessment questions. How did the training turn out? Did your participants engage with the questions?

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