Continuum of Restorative Practices

My first nine months here have been an intensive study of the forms of restorative practice. I’ve been asking a lot of questions. Three that were particular important in the first months I was here were:

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. How’s it going?

I think of the practice of asking these questions as “restorative inquiry.” They have  helped us to develop a culture of inquiry, which is a prerequisite for learning. And there’s been a lot to learn.

As I’ve been reading and participating in various trainings it has become clear that there are many forms of restorative practice. They share the same general principles, but beyond that there is quite a bit of divergence. A couple of weeks ago I sat down and sketched out a chart that has helped me get a handle on how these practices related to each other. I refined it a bit this morning, based on ideas I had over the weekend while attending Dominic’s training; however I am certain that he would not want anyone thinking that this continuum reflects his approach (because it does not, particularly). While I’ve been influenced by many people I’ll have to take full responsibility for any flaws that appear in this document; I’m acutely aware that the road of learning still stretches long before me.

Here are some requests:

  1. Leave a comment with this blog letting me know you are downloading it.
  2. This is a draft. Give me your feedback. Please. Use the comments field.
  3. If you use it for your own trainings please be kind and give Restorative Resources recognition; I’d prefer that you don’t remove the logo.
  4. Check back every now and then.

Click here for the continuum.

Influences/Sources: Kay Pranis, Howard Zehr, Dominic Barter, Ted Wachtel and staff of IIRP, Ron Claassen, Belinda Hopkins, Bonnie Benard, Chuck Reis, Rod Skager, Rochelle Edwards, Brian Smith, Rob Hopkins, current and former staff of Restorative Resources, and many others.


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  1. Very nice and Well Done!

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