Restorative Nation

The elections are over. I’m so glad; I was tired of feeling angry and afraid. Angry at the depths to which many resorted in their efforts to discredit and defame others. Afraid that the election would be  hijacked (again).

But as it has turned out, as a nation we have accomplished something phenomenal and truly historic. Listening to both McCain’s and Obama’s speeches last night, I felt some hope that now, as a nation, perhaps we can move in a restorative direction.

What would it be like if the thousands  of circle keepers across the nation invited communities to come together in the next months in great circles to explore how we can put aside the things that divide us and work together on the things that unite us? As a  nation (and a planet) we are faced with challenges that cannot be underestimated, even if many are still in denial about them. Global climate change, population pressures, peak oil, nuclear proliferation, deforestation, soil loss, desertification, financial collapse…the list goes on and on. And even now, as we have tremendous hope that we have political leadership that can approach these tasks with wisdom and vision, we have to recognize that this is too big for the politicians. We all have to pitch in.

Those of us who are trained in restorative processes should be reflecting now on what we can do…beyond the walls of our offices and schools and justice settings. There is a world to be restored, and we are trained to contribute. We have the skills, the vision, the methods that are exactly right for this moment in history. How and where do we dig in?

That’s a big question that I’ll be pondering and asking my colleagues about in the coming months.


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