Slow down a minute, there’s lots to do.

It’s tuesday and yesterday I completed three days of training with Dominic Barter in his approach to circle processes. Dominic is a very impressive trainer. He speaks with uncommon clarity and depth of insight. His particular approach to circles was developed in Brazil, where he works with many communities and schools and holds several rather impressive titles.

While I was filling page after page in my notebook with bits of Dominic’s wisdom, I found that I was writing even more about ideas that were stimulated by the general experience of the workshop. My mind went into hyperdrive, coming up with training outlines, designing learning tools, ways to work with and encourage staff, an idea for a potentially revolutionary software platform using social networking ideas in support of a wide range of restorative processes, and so on. And all of this was on top of what I was learning from Dominic and the other workshop participants (perhaps the biggest nugget is using “Semi-simulations” as a training tool). My brain just wasn’t slowing down. Now it’s the next day. I have a notebook. I have lots of ideas. And I have a ton of already aging tasks on my to-do list.  What fun.


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  1. I like your ideas. I met Dominic in Toronto, at the IIRP conference, I was tempted to get to St. Paul for the training you attended. He is a very inspiring individual.

    I’m glad I found your blog today. Keep up the good work!


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