Continuum for the Big Tent

Click to download .pdf

Click to download .pdf

I reworked the continuum of restorative practices to go along with the “Big Tent” definition that I posted yesterday.

Compared to previous drafts, this iteration is greatly simplified. I think that’s a good thing; hopefully it’s a lot easier to interpret.  The downside is, it loses some details.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


One Response

  1. Hi Amos, this is an interesting chart. I understand this continuum as one of size, with different circles according to the size of the community and a list of important elements for all these circles for a restorative outcome.

    When I read the word continuum I thought of the continuum between punitive or retributive justice and restorative justice. As a believer in restorative justice I have my either/or good/bad thinking. And I also understand justice as a continuum with many options and practices.

    How to share my belief when talking to someone who wants something around conflict? Simple is good. I think justice is more an experience than a process. I think we innately know when things are fair, whole, balanced.

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