What is Justice?

At our circle keepers group we did a couple of rounds responding to: “think of an experience you have had with justice or injustice. Share the experience and some reflections on it.”

It was a good topic and there was plenty to share. One theme that emerged was the justice had to do with the felt experience of having been allowed to speak, been heard, and been seen as a human being apart from one’s deeds.

Today in a circle with sixth graders one of the questions I invited them to respond to was “share something with the class about how you like to be treated.” As we went around the circle students shared words like “respectfully,” “fair”, “nice” and so on.

Then the talking piece came to a boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He said, “I would like to be treated like an actual person.”

What he said is a very eloquent summary of what we were getting at in our circle keeper’s group discussion.

Remember how I’ve said that every circle has it’s special moment? The hooded boy provided it this morning.


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