Kindergarten Circle–Sweetness

Yesterday I set up a circle of chairs on a playground for lunch recess. I’ve been doing this on Thursdays for several weeks now. As usual, within a few minutes the chairs were full of enthusiastic children who chose the circle as their way of “playing” during recess.

The first group were all in kindergarten. I asked them what they wanted to talk about. They had some lovely ideas:

“About how I feel inside my heart.” A topic that lead to discussion of feelings, lots of emphasis on who they loved.

“About rain and lighting.” A visit with how they are affected by big forces of nature, the wonder and fear and joy of it.

“Let’s sing a song.” As the talking piece went around, each child chose a song and sang to the rest of us. (I chose “B-i-n-g-o”, which they all knew).

So sweet. Whatever made me think that I needed to be able to come up with a clever list of topics? The kids know what their inner curriculum is, and will name it and explore it, when given a chance. For this, the circle way is perfect.


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  1. Nice Amos.

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