Could have gone to prison…or…

Our local newspaper features a story about recipients of a local foundation’s scholarship Fund. We are delighted to see that one of the recipients is a graduate of Restorative Resource.

The teen lost control of a car he was driving, resulting in the death of one of the passengers and serious injuries to three others. No alcohol or drug use involved; just inexperience. Nevertheless, the charge was negligent vehicular manslaughter, a crime that is punishable by imprisonment.

But instead of being incarcerated the young person was given the opportunity to try to make things as right as possible. He stepped up to the challenge and impressed all of us with his efforts, which were obviously deeply heartfelt and sincere. The parents and families of the victims experienced significant healing and were quite satisfied with the process.

As part of his restorative plan he made a short video memorializing the young woman who was killed, and has used it in educational presentations he has given in high schools in Sonoma County. He finished high school, is currently enrolled in community college, and hopes to use his scholarship to help pay the costs of a four-year college in Southern California.

Beats the heck out of prison; not just for the young man, but for all of us. As a society, we’re all in this together.

And how about a High Five to help Restorative Resources bring the same kind of experience to others?


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