Student comments — Continuation High School Circle

We received this note from a counselor at a continuation high school:

Dear Amos and Jeanna,

I feel so blessed to have had the experience of the circle and the trainings you provided. It is such a powerful experience, but also such a simple and real state of being human that we all probably did naturally when we were young and forgot along the way.

Thanks you for bringing this to our students at Ridgway. It has been very valuable for the kids and I wanted to share some of the comments I heard our kids say:

“It’s like philosophy, but it isn’t and it feels like a huge weight is lifted off.”

“Everyone needs this”.

“Even though I never knew you before today, I feel close to you and can see what we have in common”.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I think it’s important”.

“There isn’t any other place in my life where I can talk like this”.

“Circle is the reason that I look forward to coming to school”.

“Can we do this in the summer?”

Thank you both for your valuable work and for sharing this with so many children and adults. Hoping the circle brings you back to our schools.

with love and respect,


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